Sunday, 11 October 2009

Something New


My studies at the University are just restarting…
Consequently, I’m afraid enough I’ll have no sufficient time for my hobbies for the months ahead. By this reason, my philatelic exchanges will be considerably reduced (or stopped) and the updates of my blogs remain in stand by for a while.
Even the hard decisions should be taken in our lives and I’m absolutely sure all my friends will understand and support my decision.

All of you are in my heart. Each one differently. Feel free to (e)mail me whenever you want. A warm word will be welcome.


André de Melo

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


- Cathedral

Dated (15.07.1957) and circulated postcard, from Cologne to Windsor, Ontario, Canada,
a Mary's courtesy!


"LOURDES" - Basilique
Dated (02.05.1952) and circulated postcard to The Netherlands,
Thanks to Mary!


- Dome of the Rock
Dated (02.01.1993) and circulated postcard, from Jerusalem to London, Ontario, Canada.
Thanks to Mary!


"Pine Mountain", Georgia
- The Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel
Dedicated in memory of Cason J. Callaway's mother, the chapel is built of native Georgia materials. Its stained glass windows depict the four seasons of Callaway gardens. here, visitors may enjoy quiet meditation or regularly scheduled organ concerts.
Uncirculated postcard,
Courtesy of Jean-Claude!


"Lake Junaluska", N.C.
- Lake Junaluska Chapel on Lake Junaluska Assembly Grounds
Uncirculated postcard,
Thanks to Jean-Claude!


"Windermere", British Columbia
- The Stolen Church
Uncirculated Postcard,
Thanks to Jean-Claude!


- The Cathedral of the holy Trinity Anglican (Episcopal)
Uncirculated postcard,
Courtesy of Jean-Claude!

Costa Rica

"Metropolitan Church, Costa Rica, C.A."
"Iglesia Metropolitana"
Thank you, Jean-Claude!


"Atlantic City" - N.J.
- First Presbyterian Church
Founded in 1856 has fostered the organization of four daughter churches within the resort as well as fifty other Presbyterian churches in South Jersey. It is an excellent example of English Norman church architecture.
Uncirculated postcard, courtesy of Aleksey!


"Taxco" , State of Guerrero
Romantic full moon over XVIII Century

Circulated postcard from Taxco to San Jose, California (USA)
Thanks to Aleksey!

Monday, 28 September 2009


Dated (14/09/2009) and circulated postcard from Vietnam to Portugal (Santa Maria da Feira).
Thank you so much, N.D.T.T., for this interesting postcard, my first one received from Vietnam!
Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều!


"Lesnianskiej" 300 Years of the Parish

Dated (14/09/2009) and circulated postcard


Blessing of the organs in the Basilica of St. Bridget

Dated (14/09/2009) and circulated postcard, from Tarnobrzeg (PL) to Santa Maria da Feira (P).

I would like to thank Kazimeirz for both these nice postcards and the beautiful stamps on.

Dziękuję bardzo!


"Klimontów" - Collegiate
Dated (14/09/2009) and circulated postcard, from Tarnobrzeg (PL) to Santa Maria da Feira (P)
Thanks to Kazimierz!


Cistercian Route / Cistercian Monasteries in Poland
Dated (15/09/2009) and circulated postcard, from Poland (Tarnobrzeg) to Portugal (Santa Maria da Feira).
A Kazimierz's courtesy!



Cistercian Route / Cistercian Monasteries in Poland

Dated (15/09/2009) and circulated postcard, from Poland (Tarnobrzeg) to Portugal (Santa Maria da Feira).
Thanks to Kazimierz!

Thursday, 17 September 2009


- San Francisco Church
San Francisco is an important baroque Church, the first one built in Quito. Construction began in 1535, just 1 month after the Spanish arrived. (It took more than 100 years to finish.)
Dated (03.09.2009) and circulated postcard, from Guayaquil (Ecuador) to Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal).
Thank you so much, John! Muchas gracias!


"Cogliate" (Milano)
- Built in XIV Century, this Church is devoted to Blessed Virgin Mary and Saints Cosme and Damian.
Dated (07.o9.2009) and circulated postcard, from Cogliate (Italy) to Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal).
Another Lorenzo's courtesy! Grazie mille!


"Arco", Trentino Alto Adige region
- Evangelic Luteran Saint Trinity Church
Nice circulated and dated (06.09.09) postcard, from Italy to Santa Maria da Feira (PT).
With Lorenzo signature. Many thanks! Grazie!

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


"Škofja Loka" - Church

Dated (26.08.2009) and circulated postcard, from Škofja Loka (Slovenia) to Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal.

Courtesy of Špela!


"Tarpon Springs", Florida
- St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church
Uncirculated postcard, another Jean-Claude's courtesy!


"Tucson", Arizona - San Xavier del Bac
Founded in 1692 and one of the best preserved of all the chain of Franciscan Missions, this stately edifice rises above the surrounding Arizona landscape.
Beautiful and uncirculated postcard, thanks to Jean-Claude!


"St. Paul", Minnesota - Cathedral
Begun 1906; opened for services 1915; interior work continued to completion 1956. E. L. Masqueray, architecht. Classic Renaissance adaptation of Romanesque architecture (...)
Uncirculated postcard, thanks to Jean-Claude!


"Boston" - Park Street Church
This location was nicknamed The Brimstone Corner during the War of 1812 because of the gunpowder stored here. In the Church yard are buried 3 signers of The Declaration of Independence, Paul Revere, and the victims of the Boston Massacre.
Uncirculated postcard, Jean-Claude's courtesy!


"Brevard" (NC) - St. Philip's Episcopal Church
The 1926 norman Gothic church building was designated by architect Louis Asbury and is considered one of North Carolina's outstanding church buildigs. The parish house edition to St. Philip's Church received the 1996 award of merit from the State Historic Preservation Foundation.
Pen and ink drawing is by award winning Artist, Dorothy Moreau.
Dated (24.08.2009) and circulated postcard, from Pisgah Forest (NC) to Santa maria da Feira, Portugal. Thanks to Jean-Claude!


"Mondim de Basto" - Nossa Senhora da Graça Santuary
Aerial picture captured in a (rare) day of snow.
Uncirculated postcard.


"Lower Silesia" - Church
Dated (25.08.2009) and circulated postcard, from Tarnobrzeg (PL) to Santa Maria da Feira (P),
thanks to Kazimierz!



The old Town Churches, from the left to the right:

- St. Martin's

- St. Mary's

- St. John's

Dated (24.08.2009) and circulated postcard, from Tarnobrzeg (PL), to Santa Maria da Feira (P).

Courtesy of Kazimierz!


"Krasnodar" - Orthodox Church

Dated and circulated postcard, thanks to Vladimir!

Friday, 21 August 2009


"Gelati" - Monestery of the Virgin-Gelati

The Gelati Monastery for a long time was one of the main cultural and intellectual centers in Georgia. It had an Academy which employed some of the most celebrated Georgian scientists, theologians and philosophers, many of whom had previously been active at various orthodox monasteries abroad or at the Mangan Academy in Constantinople.
In 1994, Gelaty Monastery was recognized by UNESCOas a world heritage site.
Uncirculated postcard, courtesy of Khatuna!


"Rijeka" - Capuchin Church of Our Lady of Lourdes
Built in the early 1900's on the 50th anniversary of the Miracle of Lourdes.
Dated (13-08-2009) and circulated postcard, from Rijeka (Croatia) to Santa Maria da Feira (Portugal).
Thank you, Dragan!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Bosnia and Herzegovina

"Medugorje" - Sanctuary and general view
Međugorje is a town located in western Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Herzegovina region around 25 km southwest of Mostar and close to the border of Croatia. Today the town is best known due to reported apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary which appeared to six Croats since 24 June 1981, and is now visited by pilgrims from around the entire world as a shrine.
Dated (02-08-2004) and circulated postcard, from Međugorje to Santa Maria da Feira.


"Jonesboro " - Methodist Church
Located on Main Street, Jonesboro (Tennessee). Erected in 1845 and retaining the main architectural features of its original exterior. The slave gallery at the back of the santuary indicated the Ante-bellum origin of the building. to the left is the house of The Three Sisters built in 1820.
Uncirculated postcard, another Jean-Claude kind gift!


"Charlston (South Carolina)" - St. Michael's Church
The oldest church edifice in the city of Charleston. The cornestone of the Episcopal Chuch was laid in 1752, and in 1761, the church was opened for services. The type of architecture is according to the tradition of Sir Christopher Wren. St. Michael's is one of the few city Churches in America that has retained the original design where the service is to be heard and all the workshippers to participate. The clock and bells were imported from England in 1764.
Uncirculated postcard, a Jean-Claude's courtesy!


"Strasbourg" - Église Saint-Paul et Cathédral
Saint Paul's Church and Cathedral

Uncirculated postcard

Courtesy of Jean-Claude!


"Marseille" - Basilique de Notre Dame de la Garde

Dated (17-08-1978) and circulated postcard, from Marseille to Strasbourg.

Thank you, Jean-Claude!

Sunday, 16 August 2009


"Andechs" - Monastery
Dated (26-05-1929) and circulated postcard, from Munich to Basel (Switzerland)


"Tongerlo" - Abbaye
Circulated postcard to Antwerpen


"Vierzehnheiligen" - Basilique
Dated (12-06-1961) and circulated postcard, to Budapest (Hungary)

Germany (DDR)

"Neustadt" - Church and Rathaus
Dated (10-08-1957) and circulated postcard