Sunday, 11 October 2009

Something New


My studies at the University are just restarting…
Consequently, I’m afraid enough I’ll have no sufficient time for my hobbies for the months ahead. By this reason, my philatelic exchanges will be considerably reduced (or stopped) and the updates of my blogs remain in stand by for a while.
Even the hard decisions should be taken in our lives and I’m absolutely sure all my friends will understand and support my decision.

All of you are in my heart. Each one differently. Feel free to (e)mail me whenever you want. A warm word will be welcome.


André de Melo

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


- Cathedral

Dated (15.07.1957) and circulated postcard, from Cologne to Windsor, Ontario, Canada,
a Mary's courtesy!


"LOURDES" - Basilique
Dated (02.05.1952) and circulated postcard to The Netherlands,
Thanks to Mary!


- Dome of the Rock
Dated (02.01.1993) and circulated postcard, from Jerusalem to London, Ontario, Canada.
Thanks to Mary!


"Pine Mountain", Georgia
- The Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel
Dedicated in memory of Cason J. Callaway's mother, the chapel is built of native Georgia materials. Its stained glass windows depict the four seasons of Callaway gardens. here, visitors may enjoy quiet meditation or regularly scheduled organ concerts.
Uncirculated postcard,
Courtesy of Jean-Claude!


"Lake Junaluska", N.C.
- Lake Junaluska Chapel on Lake Junaluska Assembly Grounds
Uncirculated postcard,
Thanks to Jean-Claude!


"Windermere", British Columbia
- The Stolen Church
Uncirculated Postcard,
Thanks to Jean-Claude!


- The Cathedral of the holy Trinity Anglican (Episcopal)
Uncirculated postcard,
Courtesy of Jean-Claude!

Costa Rica

"Metropolitan Church, Costa Rica, C.A."
"Iglesia Metropolitana"
Thank you, Jean-Claude!


"Atlantic City" - N.J.
- First Presbyterian Church
Founded in 1856 has fostered the organization of four daughter churches within the resort as well as fifty other Presbyterian churches in South Jersey. It is an excellent example of English Norman church architecture.
Uncirculated postcard, courtesy of Aleksey!


"Taxco" , State of Guerrero
Romantic full moon over XVIII Century

Circulated postcard from Taxco to San Jose, California (USA)
Thanks to Aleksey!