Friday, 31 July 2009


"Saluda Hill Baptist Church"
Near Table Rock Mountain Upper Greenville County, South Carolina.
Uncirculated postcard.
Thanks to Jean-Claude!

Thursday, 30 July 2009


"LISIEUX" - Basilique

This is a precious circulated postcard dated 27.09.1951 traveled from France to Cape Verde (the Tarrafal prison).
The Cape Verde archipelago was at that time a Portuguese colony and Tarrafal prison in Santiago island was the most feared jail, where Salazar "accomodeted" his largest political opponents, in infra-human conditions, where prisoners often dead.
This postcard contains only a short message - "During my vacation, I'm sending you a big hug".


"Caen" - Saint-Étienne Church
This church was built in 1064 by Guillaume le Conquérant, who redeemed this way his error committed by marrying Mathilde de Flandre, despite prohibition of Pope Leo IX.
Uncirculated postcard.


"Ruins of St. Paul's Church"
Uncirculated postcard

United Kingdom

"London" - St. Paul's Cathedral
First stone laid 1675 by Sir Christopher Wren, completed 1710. Wren's masterpiece withstood a great danger of distruction in 1940, during the bombing of London, to stand dominant for all to see.
Dated (25.09.1967) and circulated postcard, from London to Porto (Portugal).

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


"Ars en Ré" (Ré Island).
Dated (06.07.2009) and circulated postcard from Ré Island to Portugal


"Santiago de Compostela" - Cathedral.
Uncirculated postcard.


"Amarante" -
Partial view of Tâmega River by Saint Gonçalo's Monastery.
Uncirculated postcard.


"Lisbon" - Jeronimos Manastery.
One of the most beautiful and visited monuments, in Lisbon.
In 1983 it was classified by the UNESCO, with nearby Torre de Belém, as a World Heritage Site.
Uncirculated postcard


"Mafra" Convent.
Dated (23.06.1971) and circulated postcard, from Mafra to Porto.
The Portuguese José Saramago, Literature Nobel Prize 1998, dedicated his most famous and known novel Convent Memorial to this convent, that historical period and the motivations for its construction, under the reign of King John V (reigned from 1706 - 1750)

Sri Lanka

"St. Anthony's Church" in Kochchikade
Dated (20.07.2009) and circulated postcard, from Sri Lanka to Portugal


Undated postcard circulated from Vienna to Budapest


Uncirculated postcard

Circulated postcard dated 1958

Circulated postcard dated 1909

Circulated postcard dated 1958

Circulated postcard dated 1968

Thursday, 23 July 2009


Cistercian Route
Cistercian monasteries in Poland

Cistercian Route
Pelplin monastery

Many thanks, Kazimierz!


"... Pilgrim in Poland ..."
Przemyśl is a city in south-eastern Poland with about 70.000 inhabitants.
On the picture,
Bishop of Przemysl, Founder of the Sister Servants of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Thank you, Kazimierz!

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Three expressisve and very nice postcards:

"Santa Ines Mission" - California

"La Purissima Mission" - Lompoc, California

"Mission San Juan Capristano" - California

Courtesy of Jean Claude!


Beautiful view of the Church of "Saint Martin la Plaine"
Thanks to Emma & Jerome!